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Granite Data Solutions Primes and acts as Subcontractor for multiple OEM and Statewide Contracts. Please see below for details.

Dell Technologies Contract Information

NASPO 7-15-70-34-003

1-22-70-31B, IT Hardware, PC Goods – Dell: Chromebooks & Monitors

TIG Contract Information

1-22-70-31C, IT Hardware, PC Goods – Dell: Laptops

Insight Global Contract Information

1-22-70-33, IT Hardware, PC Goods – Apple: Desktops, Laptops, & Monitors

1-22-70-34, IT Hardware, PC Goods – Microsoft: Laptops

Office Depot Contract Information

1-22-70-32, IT Hardware, PC Goods – Lenovo: Desktops, Thin/Zero Desktops, Laptops, Chromebooks & Monitors

GST Contract Information

1-22-70-36, IT Hardware, PC Goods – Durabook: Rugged Laptops

1-22-70-38, IT Hardware, PC Goods – Samsung: Monitors

e360 Contract Information

1-19-70-19S, Enterprise Technology, Storage Craft

1-19-70-19L, Enterprise Technology, Luminex

1-19-70-19H-1, Enterprise Technology HPE

Lexmark Contract Information

NASPO 7-15-70-34-008 (CA)

NASPO 8346 (NV)

Multi-Function, Laser Service - Hardware Maintenance

Axway Contract Information

SLP# 19-70-0112D AXWAY, Software

3-18-70-2304H, Hardware

Red Cedar Contract Information

SLP# 18-70-0112C

Trellix Contract Information

SLP# 22-70-0112F

02/28/2022 - 02/28/2025

SPIN Number



KPMG LLP - Nat'I Service Agreement/MSA PG&E MSA 4400006732


New York State Contract Information

Information Technology Umbrella Contract


Distributor Based

Information Technology Umbrella Contract


Manufacturer Based

PBITS Project Based Information Technology Consulting Services


Elo Contract Information

CMAS# 3-22-09-1016

04/22/2022 - 03/12/2023

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