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What personal information does GDS collect?

Granite Data Solutions (GDS) collects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as names, phone numbers and email addresses. We are required to collect physical addresses and other PII for sales transactions, delivery of products or services, repairs, or other business transactions. We will only ask you for information necessary to conduct business and will never ask for passwords or usernames to any sites or services.


How does GDS collect information?

GDS collects this information through personal contact, phone or email correspondence and contact forms via our website.


Why does GDS collect information? How it is it used?

GDS collects this information so that we may contact you about sales or services transactions. For example, to let you know we are on our way to work a job site, to set up a delivery time, to let you know that your repairs have been completed or ask questions about service needs, etc.


How long does GDS keep personal information?

GDS stores this information for as long as it is needed to interact with you regarding sales or services transactions. Once business has been conducted, your information will be removed from all servers and systems within our control. We store certain PII indefinitely, such as contact information for repeat customers. Other data is wiped immediately, upon request, or at a specified time which is disclosed once we enter a sales or service transaction.


How does GDS secure personal information?

GDS uses industry standard encryption and access control to safeguard your information. We will never store your personal information on local servers.


Does GDS share my information with 3rd parties?

GDS values your business and will never sell your information to third parties. We are, in some cases required to share your information when it is necessary to conduct sales or services transactions. For example, to order a warrantied part or to have an item shipped to you by one of our distributors. We do not use your personal information to conduct marketing research or campaigns, unless expressly noted during a transaction.


What are your rights when it comes to your PII?

You may request a copy of PII held by GDS. Additionally, you may request for your PII to be scrubbed from any/all databases, contact lists, etc. You may opt out of providing your personal information except for transactions in which we would need this information to conduct a sale of goods or services.


Contact information

You may, at any time, reach out to a representative through our 'Contact Us' form or send a request via USPS to 5321 Luce Avenue McClellan, CA 95652 ATTN: Privacy


Updated 4/26/2022

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