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What is ITAD?

Short for Information Technology Asset Disposition, Granite Data can help you responsibly recycle End-Of-life IT assets to free up space and keep IT waste out of landfills.

Data Destruction

To ensure the security of your
data, GDS can provide Hard
Drive wiping to DOD specs.
This includes Hard Drives for
Desktops, Laptops, Printers,
and other data containing
devices. Certificates of Data
Destruction can be provided
for your documentation
efforts. The safety and
security of your sensitive data
is our focus as we ensure the
protection of your assets.


With customers throughout
the State of California, GDS has
the ability to schedule a pickup
(at no charge to you) and
dispose of your IT equipment
with an R2 (Responsible
Recycling) ISO14001 and
ISO45001 certified electronics
recycling partner. Once you
have completed your standard
operating procedures to survey
equipment, the equipment has
been boxed up or palletized,
contact GDS to schedule a pick
up date and the team will take
it from there..


A user friendly reporting
system allows you to track
your IT Assets as they go
through the process. Real
time processing visibility
allows you to have a
comprehensive and detailed
reporting structure for total
accountability and
transparency. With a zero
landfill policy and
commitment, we work hard
to ensure that your items are
recycled properly.

ITAD Contact Form

Interested in learning more or scheduling a pick up? Reach out with the form below and a representative will be in touch!

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